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Our Aim

Making a Difference

Our aim is to help each child to realise his/her full potential and to develop a lively enquiring mind in a happy school environment. Neasden Montessori covers a number of different areas which play an important role in the child's process of learning.


The 'Practical Life' area teaches him/her how to care for self and the environment. The exercises such as pouring, polishing, sweeping, folding, plaiting, threading, washing and a variety of dressing frames such as buttons, hooks & eyes, zips, laces, buckles and bows are very important for the physical and mental development of the child. The child enjoys doing these exercises in an orderly manner. Repetition and practice increases his muscular co-ordination and concentration and helps his movements to become precise instead of random. This area also includes a number of 'grace and courtesy' exercises to help children learn that courtesy, good manners and consideration for others are important qualities.


The 'Sensorial' area allows the child to use his senses to learn about the world. Here, the child will learn to judge different heights, lengths, weights, colours, sounds, smells, shapes and textures. The child is encouraged to use precise terminology to explore and classify through the use of materials graded from the simple to the more complex. Reading and writing, arithmetic, history, geography, botany and science aid the child in his intellectual development.


Other areas within the Montessori environment help children to express their creative ideas e.g., role play, painting, colouring, drawing, singing, music, and movement, playing with sand and water etc. For physical development, the children happily play outside on a safe grassy area outside the classroom. We have a slide, a swing, racquets, tricycles, cars, stepping stones, a playhouse, hoops, balls, parachute, water and sand trays and many other activities that are available for the children to explore.