“Very welcoming atmosphere at the school. Children and parents have the chance to get involved. I like the Montessori method of teaching and the range of topics and learning resources available at the school. Reem has become very independent and has learnt a wide range and is able to read and write letters and numbers. Her personal and social development during her time at Neasden Montessori is very noticeable.”

“Staff are very friendly and approachable. I very much appreciate the regular e-mails to inform of the topics that are being covered, so I feel I know what Dilan is learning. He has learnt so many skills of qualities from being at this school here i.e. his numbers, learning to write and recognise the Alphabet. He has started to be a lot more creative in his art skills also.”

“I like the relationship the teachers develop with the children. That is why my daughter Salsabeel settled in very quickly and was extremely fond of the teachers. It is a very nice caring atmosphere and you can see all the children and parents are very happy. I am very happy with the updates parents get with the progress of the children are making. My daughter loves talking about everything she has learnt”.

“The teachers provide a safe and caring environment and my son Jai looks forward to going to school every day. He has learnt his numbers and phonic sounds of the alphabet. He has become very independent.”

“The teachers are very friendly and supportive. Although I work fulltime, I have been kept updated with Neya’s progress throughout the two years she has been here. I have seen a huge change in her confidence /speech/ social skills which have all developed through her learnings at this school. I am very thankful to all the teachers, especially the key teachers for building Neya’s Foundation in her first two years of education.”

“I have seen my daughter Niah become independent and seen her excel with her learning in phonics, colouring, creative skills, cutting and many more. She is happy at Neasden Montessori School and has made some close friendship with her peers. She feels safe in her learning environment.”

“This school is very good. The teachers are very friendly and helpful. My son Adam has made very good progress since he started. I am so pleased and he is now doing very good in writing his letters and numbers. So I would like to thank his teacher for all the hard work which she has done with him. Without her my son will not be at this stage of progress.”

“I like the friendly staff! Absolutely wonderful team of teachers. My son Haroon’s confidence has increased immensely and his vocabulary has increased with a wider range of words. He expresses himself better now and can explain himself effectively.”

“We’ve been very pleased to see Kush’s development and to see him become very confident. It is also a very safe environment. There’s been great progress in the following areas: *vocabulary,*confidence,*communication,*Hand-Eye co-ordination, *Social skills, *Reading, *Writing.”

“I like the Montessori Method of teaching, the mixed age group and giving the children the freedom to choose activities. I like the way this school keeps parents informed with the Topics and ask for their input. There are a variety of resources available to allow the children’s development. We have seen a big improvement in Malak since she started. Her concentration has improved and her willingness to do new activities. She really enjoys learning and has become more sociable since joining. Her numeral and writing skills have also improved.”

“The school takes into account each individual child’s interests and stages of development. It exposes children to a great variety of activities. In the last 2 years Oscar has progressed a lot in his speech, reading, writing numbers, independence and social interactions.”

“We had settled in U.K. only a few months before my daughter Josephine  started school and she spoke only French. She is now fluent in English and much more confident. She has learnt the colours, numbers, shapes, sizes and also different cultures and celebrations. I am very grateful to all the staff at Neasden Montessori.”

“I like the teachers very much because they are always involved in our child’s progression and advise us what to do if there are any issues. They always listen to us and sort problems out. My daughter Maria started with no English and now Maria speaks perfect English. She is much more confident and social than when she started. Her writing and counting have improved. She has gained basic skills that will help her in the future.”


“My daughter didn’t speak English when she started at Neasden Montessori School. After attending this school Farah has learnt so much! She speaks and understands English very well now. She has learnt numbers, phonic sounds and she can even write her own name.”

  “We’ve been very pleased to see Kush’s development and to see him become very confident. It is also a very safe environment. He has acquired excellent communication skills. We feel that the teachers have had a major input into my son Kush’s early development. Kush has developed loads by being here and we are very happy with his progress in the following areas: vocabulary, confidence, excellent communication skills, social skills, Hand-eye co-ordination, Reading, Writing. The school has helped him a lot and has built his great self- esteem and good behaviour. He has developed good problem- solving skills and excellent progress in Maths and English.”

“The teachers are very supportive and encouraging. They always feedback progress on the child. I like the fact that they inform the parent beforehand on what topics they will be learning at nursery. They also teach diverse topics such as continents, solar system, animals etc. There are a number of progress made by my daughter Mahi. For example: She is more confident and socialises very well with other children, her vocabulary is excellent-she can talk in proper sentences using adjectives and up to 4 syllable words, she expresses herself well, tells us what she likes/dislikes. She is very active, willing to help others. Her numeracy is very good, can confidently say her numbers, can say her phonics and can write her name. She can identify 3-letter words and pronounces them using phonic sounds.”

“The staff are very welcoming. My daughter Viya has had a lot of different activities and exercises to keep her busy whilst at the Montessori. Viya has progressed a lot. Her vocabulary has improved immensely. She is now confident in drawing, can write her numbers, has learnt her phonics and loves doing activities at home too such as drawing, counting, colouring etc”.

“The cheerful family atmosphere cultivated by caring, experienced and kind staff. The delight the team takes in the children. I like the space and the robust, well-used tools for learning and the superb record keeping of development. My child coming home happy and happy to return. Essie is our second child to attend Neasden Montessori School. Our first had just as wonderful experience there, with the same team, but 3 years apart.”

“The friendly atmosphere and commitment by staff to ensure the children flourish. A variety of activities to enable children to develop holistically. My daughter Zahra’s confidence has increased since she started at Neasden Montessori. Her writing, reading, and drawing has improved. She speaks clearly and confidently. She has learnt how to make and keep friends.”


“We like that the Montessori school is very safe for our child. Staff are really friendly and have encouraged our daughter Eesha to become independent and confident. We like the e-mails we receive to inform us of the topics. Eesha was a very shy child. We have seen how confident and independent she has become. She really enjoys singing and it is lovely to hear her randomly singing a new song that she has learnt. We also see her do a lot of role play where she is the teacher and her toys are students and she is practising the manner of the teachers”.